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All life must make decisions and determine what they really want in life.

How we can determine a decision in life? And, what are the expectations of determination? Determination as dictionary on the web says: is the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose, the information ascertain; a solution or a settlement arrived at or pronounced.

We must determine: a statement, a decision, an action, an authority, firmness, a limit, certain conditions as a result for the moment, without warning and for the present, with this in mind a better future or better solutions, will come to your life every day. Determination is definitely not doubt, is not speculation, doesn’t change, and doesn’t vary.

The expectations in the daily live is your will in your mind, meditate on your goals, and how to achieve them, been focused on what you really want, need and work to achieve it. This quote is great from a web source and says: “ The difference between determination and will power of God is this: the decision is in the mind, will power is in the soul divine. Since the mind is very limited, mental determination is not lasting, it is all flux. Mental determination is constantly being destroyed, as the mind accepts different ideas each time. But the will of the soul is lasting forever, always progressive and always calm in peace, because, it is one with the supreme will of God.

The determination comes from your mind, soul and volition. What do we need? Simple, we need our mind renew for the new excellent things are coming to our life, we also need our spirit lifted up and be motivate it, and to give up our will to accept the things we cannot change. For example: One idea could be going to college. I had determined that before 40 years old I will have my Bachelors Degree. Is not easy being a single mother, and self-employed, but I needed it to think about my daughter’s sake in a near future.

I want to be able for my daughter to establish stability in my home, without compromising all of my other duties at home. But I am determined, I started with no doubts, took the will, pray about it, felt peace, and ready to finish it no matter what the circumstances are, I am determined to success and get my Diploma.

I had settle my purpose, but the last thing I can say, is it my will? Or something else waits for me? Only God knows. One thing I know, for whatever awaits for me in life, I am determined.

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Lissette Aponte


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