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Flying free like a butterfly...

Actualizado: 12 abr 2020

Flying free like a Butterfly

I’ve learned that in life we ​​find it hard to fly. It's a constant struggle in life and has led me through certain situations; some pleasant and some not so pleasant; many questions, many doubts, many processes. Sometimes I felt like a caterpillar; full of larva, filled of dust , full of bacterias. The caterpillar walks slowly, it faces flat on the floor, lazy, listlessly, without looking forward.

Just walk with it eyes on the ground. Can’t lift it head because has no neck. That’s how I felt; without a neckr, without direction. But always comes the day of metamorphosis. There will always come, sooner or later come.

The day came of the Metamorphosis came that’s when the caterpillar felt different.

Felt a “supernatural” experience.

The reaction of the caterpillar was; to stay quiet, patient, and received that something different work in it.

The caterpillar felt peace, felt changes, felt better inside, suddenly the Transformation (Metamorphosis) began.

Who makes the process of metamorphosis is the Holy Spirit in my life. Who changed me, transformed me, gives me peace, gives me new strength. Trusting fully; I sit still, waiting patiently for the process to become a butterfly completed and start flying for my purposes here on earth. There is one person who can help me fly free and enjoy the beautiful flowers and gardens of this life and eternal life. That is Jesus of Nazareth who died for me to give me wings and fly, to give me wings and reach the most beautiful flowers of the garden where He has sent me. Now I am grateful for those enjoyable experiences and the ones that were not. I thank Him, I thank Him. Why? Because if I never had lived all these experiences, I had never would’ve gone through the metamorphosis of the Holy Spirit in my life and could never appreciate my wings.

There is only one person who can help me fly free and enjoy life fully, healthfully, and freely. That is Jesus of Nazareth, who transforms, who delivered you, who forgives you and makes you a new person by his Holy Spirit.

Today, I am a new woman, I begin to fly. One thing I'm sure, once transformed into a butterfly is quite impossible to go back and be a caterpillar. Can butterflies do it? No. Neither can’t I. Today, I’m gliding like a butterfly to explore new assigned and beautiful gardens only to those who want change in their lives in Jesuschrist.

I invite you to open your heart and let Jesus enter to change and transform your live with the touch of his Holy Spirit. He wants you to fly in his gardens full where you can only find flowers of love, hope and faith.


Author: Lissette Aponte

Directora CoffeeMates Network

All rights reserved..

Copyrights 2020

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