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A major life decision

Actualizado: 11 abr 2020

A Major Life Decision

Trying to choose the best decision in the first place can be a major life decision. New experiences whether they are bad or good will come along, and then come doubts. What is the worst can happen, what is the best can happen, what are the risk factors? Either it is for moving out of state, changing your eating habits, buying a house, buying a car, or starting a new business on your own it can get more difficult to make a humongous step in life.

Life decisions can be tough. Reality, rationality, familiarity becomes real factors to determine decisions.

Craig Log said in one of his articles: “Life is full of decisions; we make hundreds of them every day. Most are automatic and minor ones. However, occasionally we are compelled to make vitally important decisions about major life-goals.

There are many decisions made every day, but one important thing is to get advice, get resources and plan decisions assuring the best one to make. Sure; get advice, but to who? First able a great person to get advice are people with experience, has done similar decisions and have good and bad feedbacks, this will make expand the minds. Second able writing them down, organizing the steps one by one, making a budget and last but not least, searching resources will benefit in a long run term. Online research and in magazines will lead the information to give a clear mind to decide.

With all the research fearless to make mistakes. Having a positive attitude helps and trying to choose the right path will become less stressful. Relax and don’t block the mind, be specific. If already have some advices don’t decide too fast, just analyze them, listen the heart, and if it doesn’t work, so what? Start all over, second chances exist. Are the risks acceptable willing to live with the worst case scenario for a shot at the best?

Three aspects when it comes to risks:

1. Time invested.

2. Money invested.

3. And hard work.

The time, money and hard work are important substances to make a good decision in life. Deceptions can come into life when making terrible decisions. No matter how sincere, preconceptions blind to possibilities, without realizing it. They have horrifying potential to spinning into delusion. Meditate and pray for a major life decision, it helps to feel peace and listen to the voice of God within to get the best shot decision and the new experiences will be pleasant.

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Lissette Aponte


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